Audio post-production
Working on the web, or in the studio...
Work can be completed partly or entirely via the internet with files delivered by email or via FTP, and regular demos of my ongoing work sent at appropriate stages of the job (as an MP3, or a Quicktime movie).
Alternatively all are very welcome to attend work in the studio, which is at home in Brighton. It’s spacious and comfortable with good sound and video monitoring. Together with my wife Jennifer we guarantee a warm welcome and can provide most facilities required whilst working in the studio. There’s also a spare computer and printer and deskspace to work at if needed and a wi-fi signal for laptops, etc
Based near the Preston Park area of Brighton, there is plenty of parking available on the road, and it’s in walking distance of Brighton station (London Victoria to Brighton is only a 49 minute journey).
Some productions i’ve worked on...
Rokmotion (35mm short)
Creating original fx for a time machine
Count Arthur Strong’s Forgotten Egypt
Live comedy from the radio 4 star, at the Komedia theatre - Brighton.
The Mystery DaVinci
Discovery / Ch5
A feature length Drama Documentary, investigating the history of a painting claimed to be a Leonardo
Laser Lightning Attack
Andromeda Rescue Mission
Slot-Car Boogie
CGI animations for simulator rides
Technical stuff...
The Pro Tools suite is made up of a G5 Powermac,  Pro Tools 7 & DV Toolkit, a Mackie control surface, Yamaha MX3P monitor speakers, and various other hardware including firewire drives, ADVC converter,  DAT recorder, PPM meters, etc.
There’s a large sound fx library, which can instantly be searched and auditioned. Foley fx recording is also no problem, nor is recording atmos and fx on location with Schoeps stereo mics.
There are a wide range of broadcast standard plug-ins by Waves, Digidesign, etc which make for creative sound design work. And excellent compressor/limiter and EQ plug-ins to level out volume and make the mix punchy and bright... they also help to ensure the sound mix adheres to broadcast delivery requirements.
For video monitoring, full quality digital video is streamed to a widescreen monitor. It makes for a good place to view material, and helps to mix sound accurately.
The voiceover booth is quiet and acoustically treated. There is a Rode NT1000 studio condenser mic and pop-shield which sounds excellent for VO, and good talkback and headphone monitoring facilities. There’s also a  second video monitor in there for recording in sync to picture.
DVD extras for ‘Father Ted, The Definitive Collection’
Hat Trick Productions
- A Very Ted Weekend
- Two Tribes go to War
Shenanigans from the Tedfest festival, Arun Islands
Riding Blind
Granada Television
Billy Baxter’s inspiring world record attempt to break the land-speed record... for the blind... on a motorbike!
Working from my own Pro Tools suite and voice-over booth I provide competitively priced audio post-production services for broadcast and corporate production companies, and filmmakers...
  1. sound editing & mixing
  2. voiceover recording (and vo recording to picture)
  3. sound design
  4. ADR
  5. Foley fx
  6. audio restoration & noise reduction
  7. OMFi import
  8. audio transfer & archiving
  9. audio production & other ‘audio only’ services
You can see my audio post-production credits at the base of this page which include work as a dubbing mixer, sound editor, and sound designer since training at NFTS in the early 90’s. For many of the productions I have worked on I have been both the sound recordist and sound editor / dubbing mixer, which has given me the opportunity to see projects through from shoot to sound dub.
The Pro Tools suite is well equipped for dealing with a range of audio post-production work, from a simple tidying up and sweetening of the editor’s existing sound to more extensive sound design work or dialogue replacement.
Files can be easily imported from your Avid or Final Cut Pro edit, and the finished sound delivered back to you completely ready for broadcast. Or work can be just as easily shared with your online facility if required... as I have done with Frontline Television, Loudhailer, Brighton TV, Suite, and The Farm on broadcast projects for Granada TV, the Discovery Channel and others.
Please take a look at the details  below which include information about the studio & voiceover booth and a full credits list, and please contact me to find out more or for a quote.
Broadcaster, etc Production Co Info Sound work
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Diamond Feng Sui 1 & 2, Chi Gung, Men are from Mars
Dubbing Mixer
Various DVD’s for Learning Strategies Corporation
Hat Trick / Cheeky Films
Diamond Feng Sui 1 & 2, Chi Gung, Men are from Mars
Dubbing Mixer
Festival entry
Sci-fi style 35mm short
Sound Designer
Babybird live
online footage
Live in concert at the Pressure Point, Brighton
Dubbing Mixer
My Name is Kelvin
Screen South / Festivals
Veena Holkar
Short promotional film about an HIV orphans charity in Kenya
Dubbing Mixer
corporate clients
Voiceover recording for e-learning material
Voiceover recording and editing
Quantum Productions
Various DVD’s for Learning Strategies Corporation
A Very Ted Weekend
& Two Tribes Go to War
Hat Trick / Cheeky Films
DVD extras for ‘The Definitive Father Ted’. DVD boxset
Dubbing Mixer
Managers and Leaders
Dramatised management training material for corporate clients
Dubbing Mixer
Riding Blind
Granada TV
Synchronicity / St Dunstans
Documentary about Billy Baxter, a blind biker!
Dubbing Mixer
Emma Blue
Festival entry
Pretentious Pictures
An award winning 35mm independent feature starring Costas Mandylor from the Saw film series
Dubbing Mixer
The Mystery DaVinci  
Fulcrum TV
Feature length drama documentary, broadcast worldwide
FX editor
Go for It
Helbling Languages
Children’s school-drama series for a language course
Dubbing mixer
(inc. ADR recording)
The Worlds Most Amazing Videos 2
- UK reversioning
Brighton TV
Extraordinary footage from around the world. Reversioning for UK broadcast
Dubbing mixer (at Brighton TV)
Mr Matt
Helbling Languages
...for younger children’s language course
Dubbing Mixer
(inc. ADR and Foley comedy fx)
Time Travellers
Screen South / SE Arts
Aural history project. 3 short documentaries
Sound editor
The Mirage Man
Swedish Broadcaster
Factual Films
Documentary about an obsessive Finnish mirage photographer
Dubbing Mixer
Trenchtown - The Forgotten Land
Swedish Broadcaster
Factual FIlms
Rita Marley and others feature in this documentary highlighting gun crime and life on the lawless streets of Trenchtown
Dubbing Mixer
You’re Call is Important to Us
stage play
Freewheelers Theatre Company
Arts Council funded production. Freewheelers combine disabled and non-disabled performers
Sound Designer
The Sooty Show
Duo Entertainment
Latest incarnation of the popular children’s classic
Dubbing Mixer
The Sooty Show
Duo Entertainment (2009)
Yes! Sooty, Sweep and Sue are back
Your Call is Important to Us
Freewheelers Theatre Company (2009)
Freewheelers combine disabled and non-disabled cast and contributors. The production required a weird and wonderful soundtrack in depicting the many frustrations of being on-hold.
Funded by the Arts Council - London 2012 performance currently in development
Time Travellers
A community aural history project commissioned by South East Arts. Local residents tell their life stories, accompanied by sound and images from past and present
Alan Green  
sound recordist - sound editor - dubbing mixer